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What are Herbal Remedies

Herbs could be considered nature’s drugs. Unlike drugs, however, herbs evoke a natural healing response from the body. Although many herbs, like garlic or oregano, are safe, as therapeutic remedies, they need to be used correctly. Some herbs can be taken on a regular basis; others should only be used short term. Knowing what to take, how much, and how often will ensure the desired results.

The Correct Herb and the Correct Part

Much like nutritional supplements, herbs must come from a good source and be processed correctly to keep the active healing components of the herb intact. Many herb companies do not hold to this simple rule because of the expense. Other herb companies will not use the proper herb or the proper part of the herb. Consider Echinacea, for example; many companies offer the leaf as the source of the active ingredient, when the documented clinical studies specifically use the root. Of course, we cannot expect the same clinical results with the wrong part of the plant!

The Correct Formula for You

Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, herbs are generally safe and effective for healing when administered with clinical knowledge. Choosing an herb for a specific symptom can be difficult or even misleading, because the symptom could arise from various physiological processes. It is always best to follow the advice of a well-trained and experienced practitioner.

Dr. Lowell Keppel, a certified herbologist, focuses on traditional western formulas, using these supplement products.

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