Heart Sound Recording Services

Heart Sound Recording

As part of their ongoing research into nutritional supplementation and how it may support functions of the body, Standard ProcessĀ® introduced the endocardiograph in 1937. Dr. Royal Lee, DDS, founder of Standard Process, designed and patented the device to be a recording stethoscope that can trace the sounds emitted from the chest wall as the heart muscles contract. It produces a graph, called an endocardiogram, that represents these heart sounds in a similar way that a seismograph detects and depicts the intensity and duration of movements in the ground.


How does the Heart Sound Recorder assist Nutritional Assessment?

Dr. Lee and his colleagues had observed that changes in body chemistry almost instantly show up in the heart; therefore, they assessed the heart by interpreting the endocardiogram produced by the endocardiograph. They were clear that administering specific nutrients in their whole, natural form would support the heart and extend health to the whole body. They could validate the efficacy of specific nutrition by comparing the changes in endocardiograms before and after administering supplementation.

Essentially, the endocardiograph can be helpful to assess your current nutritional status because it actually uses your heart sounds to produce a picture of your heart’s health. It demonstrates the strength of your heart muscles to contract and the accuracy of your heart valves to close. A trained practitioner will examine your specific endocardiogram to recommend appropriate nutritional support.

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