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Chiropractic Explained in more details

The general public still seems to believe a chiropractor addresses only back problems, whiplash, and maybe headaches. Typically, very few people go to their chiropractor for anything else; yet, there are a wide variety of conditions that respond to chiropractic adjustments.

Dr. J.J. Janse spoke of the chiropractic philosophy of healing in the 1940’s like this: Chiropractors strive to locate the cause of an ailment, and after removing that cause, they trust in the body’s natural ability to heal itself. He summarized the five fundamentals of chiropractic science as:

A vertebra can become subluxated (that is, misaligned). Radiating out from the spinal cord through the opening between the subluxated vertebra and an adjacent vertebra is a spinal nerve whose impulses are altered by the subluxation.

These atypical nerve impulses may disturb the function of the tissue supplied by that spinal nerve (that is, muscles, organs).
Removing the subluxation will restore the nerve to normal function.
The tissue that was deprived of normal nerve energy will also return to normal function.

Masterfully using these basic principles for many years, Dr. Lowell Keppel have been successful at helping people who come to our office with all sorts of symptoms.

Make your appointment today and stay in good health!

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