What is normal?

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5 Health Myths

Over the years myths about what is healthy and what is not healthy have been circulated as truths. Here are 5 myths, that can impact your health, that are not totally true.1. Probiotics are the "good bacteria" that needs to be in our digestive systems. Having a...

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In 1964 Dr. George Goodheart Jr. DC introduced a new procedure into the Chiropractic profession called Applied Kinesiology (manual muscle testing). This procedure was based on research from 1949 by Kendall and Kendall, physical therapists.Muscle-organ relationship was...

Probiotics yes or no?

People use these "healthy bacteria" by the tons. We see probiotics in commercially made food items, yogurt especially. The companies making these products have zero integrity because they promote these "health" foods to us by putting in Pro-Biotics then load it full...

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Chiropractors are not just spine doctors!

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Disease Process and the Autoimmune Response

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Probiotics yes or no?

by | Intestinal Health

People use these “healthy bacteria” by the tons. We see probiotics in commercially made food items, yogurt especially. The companies making these products have zero integrity because they promote these “health” foods to us by putting in Pro-Biotics then load it full of sugar. Much like a sinister killer using wine as a way to deliver poison.

The point is; how much can we trust commercially made food? They put some perceived “good things” in it then fill it with things that will harm us.

Am I saying probiotics are harmful? Not at all! We need the friendly bacteria in our bodies. These bacteria serve a vital function in our digestive tracts. One way the bacteria help the digestive tract is by maintaining the pH of the gut. Bacteria produce organic acid in the gut called lactic acid, this acid keeps the colon slightly acidic which creates an unfriendly environment for the pathogenic (disease-causing) bacteria.

There is just one little issue with using these “friendly” bacteria and it is that the bacteria only live of off lactose, which is milk sugar. So now what? Most people, especially vegans, don’t drink milk. So what other foods can these bacteria live on? Well that would be NONE and so the bacteria die and you have to keep taking the probiotic. Nice racket, uh?

However, since 1939 nutritionists knew that there was a better way! And it was yeast, yes yeast.

“The most frequent complaint the general practitioner meets in the office is chronic constipation. As in all other conditions in which there is a multiplicity of remedies, few are effective without producing residual damage in the gastrointestinal tract or in other organs of the. In this paper, we shall discuss the use of a viable mycelium yeast (in dehydrated form) and our experience therewith in the treatment of chronic constipation. The mycelium yeast was instrumental in correcting the complaint by threefold action:

  1. Formation of lactic acid, with the resultant liberation of enzymes, vitamins and other potential factors.
  2. Resultant changes in flora through increased hydrogen ion concentration in the colon.”

Studies of a New Type of Yeast In Constipation By CHESTER H. LYON, PH.C., n.s., D.O. Junior on OrlhQ!'” lit StTviu , AlttnJin, Siaff.
L OJ .-tngd o COUllly OJ/torathit H(upita l and JAI\IES PIHIE HART, B.Sc.)

You can read the entire article at SeleneRiverPress.com

Dr. Royal Lee followed this up with:

Acidophilus Yeast differs from acidophilus bacilli in that it does not require a specialized carbohydrate like milk sugar but can and will form lactic acid from any of the ordinary starches or sugars. Whereas acidophilus bacilli can form lactic acid from milk sugar only. This would mean, that acidophilus bacilli would be of value only in proportion to the amount of milk consumed by the individual. This fact then emphasizes the superiority of Acidophilus Yeast over the plain acidophilus bacilli which is found in yogurt, buttermilk, raw sauerkraut, etc. -Dr. Royal Lee DDS 1940

As a country, we have gotten away from eating fermented foods that aid in the health of our colons. As a result, we see many disease processes starting with the gut, constipation, diarrhea, Irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, most autoimmune diseases start with a bowel issue, and even anxiety and emotional stress.

I have a patient who suddenly developed anxiety while driving his car. It was not until we fixed his bowel that the driving anxiety went away.

Stop wasting your money on probiotic bacteria. Bowel health is very important to the overall health of the individual. And the friendly yeast, we call Lactic Acid Yeast from Standard Process, that lives on any sugar (carbohydrate) will be the best product to restore bowel pH and environment.

Contact us and let’s discuss your bowel health.

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