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Nutritional Counseling

Good foods feed and fuel the body. Lacking satisfying foods daily, the body will starve cell by cell. When old cells die but are not replaced with healthy cells, the tissues of the body become sick. Eventually, the body will present symptoms of degeneration, dysfunction or disease.

Today, more so than any other time on this planet, people are not getting the nutrients they need from the foods they are eating. Topsoil has been depleted of nutrients, especially minerals, due to industrial farming methods. Even when farmers are replenishing the soil with age-old procedures, such as composting, then there may be still a question as to the heritage of the seeds they plant. Prepared and packaged foods are heavily processed and preserved with artificial ingredients.

It has become necessary to supplement our diets accordingly. When proper nutrients are eaten, digested, and absorbed, then the body creates healthy cells and demonstrates resilience. Proper nutrition from food is the foundation of health.

Whole Food Supplementaton

Whole food supplements naturally support the functions of your body’s systems. We recommend and use Standard Process® for nutritional supplementation. Nutrition only comes from food, and Standard Process® develops their formulas from food. Synthetic vitamins are preparations of isolated biochemical elements that have been discovered and named. As such, synthetic vitamins are no more than chemicals made by pharmaceutical companies. They are not food, so they are not capable of feeding the body.

When your body needs supplementation, we recommend that you would use whole food concentrates which preserve the vitamin, mineral, and enzyme complexes as nature provides them, not as some companies extract them.

The Symptom Survey

Dr. Keppel, DC, provides a form, called the Symptom Survey, for you to complete and submit for his evaluation. During your scheduled counseling, he will discuss a nutritional protocol designed specifically for you.

Nutrition Seminars

Donna Keeler, MNT, offers nutrition seminars on the last Wednesday of every month.  You can see the full schedule of topics and register to attend at Donna's website:  Those who attend will receive $10 off their first consultation.

More Information

To learn more about nutritional supplementation, please read what we provide on the articles page.


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