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Heart Disease

Lowell J Keppel, DC

Heart disease (including arrhythmias, clogged arteries, enlarged heart and sudden stoppage of the heart) is a huge problem in America and other countries in the world. Some stats say that heart disease is the number 1 killer in America, but prior to the 20th century, heart attack and heart disease were very rare! Although the number of deaths from heart disease have decreased (616,000 in 2008), the rate of people being diagnosed with heart disease (785,000 for 1st heart attack) has been climbing ever higher since the mid 1940s. Although it is true that fewer people are dying from these conditions due to better emergency care, there are ever increasing numbers of people developing heart disease. I just saw a stat that 90% of Americans will eventually have high blood pressure.

What’s wrong with our hearts?

Early signs of heart issues, such as arrhythmias (heart beating out of rhythm) and atrial fibrillation (heart not resting between beats), indicate that a heart is growing sicker. These signs are being ignored by the medical profession because they have no drugs to treat these issues. Instead, medical professionals tell us how lifestyle, stress, diet and exercise affect our heart health.  While this true, they haven’t figured out that heart disease is really a disease of eating foods void of nutrients! This is why heart disease was so rare prior to 1900 and now, due to the amount of devitalized foods being eaten since the mid 1940s, why heart disease has been on the rise for the last two decades!

What’s wrong with our diets?

Americans have been convinced to believe that saturated fat found in meat, butter, eggs and tropical oils is causing heart disease and clogged arteries. When Americans have lowered their consumption of these foods considered high in saturated fat, they have been getting fatter and sicker! Eating less fat, people have been eating more processed carbohydrates (these convert to sugar), leading the way for more diabetes and obesity (complicating factors for heart disease). The processing of foods, especially grains, destroys the vitamins that naturally occur, such as Vitamin B, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C, all of which are essential for heart health. Americans have been eating grain products lacking Vitamin B1 (thiamin) and B4 (adenine) since at least the 1940s, when refining wheat became industrialized. These two B vitamins are needed for the electrical flow of the nerves to the heart. Last year in the news, teenagers were dropping dead from sudden heart failure after playing sports. This occurred due to mal-nutrition: their hearts stopped because they had lacked B vitamin complexes to keep the electrical energy beating the heart!

Medical answers to heart disease?

Researchers knew back in the 1930s of the importance of the Vitamin B complexes needed for a healthy heart, yet here we are in 2012 still trying to fix a nutritional deficiency with drugs and surgery! Foolish…….

Heart Health

Let’s look at heart health for a moment. The heart is a muscle that pumps the blood to the body. Electrical current makes the heart contract, thus pumping the blood through the body.

Heart cells live about 30 days, so your body makes new heart cells quickly. The heart also has a great blood supply which will allow nutrients to get the cells quickly. The issue is we stopped eating the foods that have the building blocks needed to make healthy cells. The more healthy cells we have the healthier the heart will be.

Heart Nutrition

Nutrition for the heart is in the nutrient dense foods we should eat, such as foods high in Vitamin B. The problem is most of the vitamins are destroyed during processing and cooking. As already mentioned, Vitamin B1 and B4 (yes, I know you’ve never heard of B4) are bio-chemical energy that turns to electrical energy thus making the heart contract. Without these B vitamins the heart stops beating. You will not find Vitamin B4 in synthetically produced vitamins.

Vitamins E and C are also necessary for heart muscle health. Again, we are talking about whole vitamin complexes, NOT just the antioxidants of these vitamins, known as alpha-tocopherol and ascorbic acid, which DO NOT nourish the heart when isolated from the whole complexes.

The heart needs exercise to stay strong, but it also needs rest. Over a 100 year life span, your heart is at rest 67 years, if healthy. If you have fibrillations, then your poor heart never gets to rest. This obviously will decrease your life span.

I have been taking whole food supplements for my heart for 20 years; if not, I would have been another statistic of heart disease.

You eat food to nourish your body….doesn’t it make sense to supplement with God-made whole food concentrates vs. man-made chemicals?

Examining the Heart

Doctors today have no idea how to examine the heart, let alone heal the heart. They have lost the art of listening to the heart sounds. They order fancy tests that give no useful information.

I recommend using the Endocardiograph, invented by Dr. Royal Lee. The Endocardiograph measures the heart sounds and records them on graph paper. Nutritional recommendations can be made by interpreting what the Endocardiograph prints. Within weeks, you will not only see changes with your heart graph, but you will feel better.

Call our office today to schedule your Endocardiograph recording!

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