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brian mcpherson cmt

Brian McPherson, CMT

The Muscle Whisperer

One day, a client came in to tell us how her daughter called Brian the “Muscle Whisperer;” we've been calling him that ever since.

He has developed his own modality to encourage changes in the muscles, fascia, and nervous system that is unique but effective. Using a balance of strong-handed tissue manipulation and quietly-gentle touch, he will strategically balance the tension in your body.

Brian's Background

Throughout his college life, people often stopped to mention that Brian would be a good massage therapist. He often wondered why they seemed so compelled to tell him this.

So, while in the second year of a Masters of Music program at Boston University, he enrolled in an adult education course to learn how to give a basic full-body massage. Within a year, he was registered for a certification program at the Massage Instutite of New England in Sommerville, MA, which he completed in 1997.

While at MINE, Brian was inspired by craniosacral therapy. He even completed the first course from the Upledger Institute in the Boston metro area before he finished the massage certification. He immediately continued with the foundation courses from the Upledger Institute in order to discover what craniosacral therapy was all about. After working with those techniques for a while, he realized there was something else to learn. Pursuing whatever that 'something else' could be brought him to the Karuna Institute in Devon, England, to learn from Franklyn Sills. He completed the certification in Craniosacral Biodynamics in 2003.

Combining the principles of Craniosacral Biodynamics® with other manual therapy techniques, Brian has truly developed his own style and procedures to return the body to a balanced state structurally, physiologically, emotionally, and neurologically.

Services offered by Brian McPherson, CMT

Call today to schedule an apointment with 'The Muscle Whisperer' for his unique approach to Therapeutic Massage and Craniosacral Biodynamics.

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